i tried to get a custom domain name (jhobbs.com) but it didn’t work but tumblr saved it anyway and won’t let me change it back so if you type in my tumblr name dexiebrain.tumblr.com this weird-ass site pops up so it’s looking like i’m gonna have to make a new tumblr……..fuck

how the hell

do you change your tumblr pic?!?! it won’t let me do it normally anymore?!?!

1,549 plays

Liz Lemon / Tina Fey Acapella on 30 Rock (all 5 Seasons)

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA “you’ve got cheesy blasters”. all of this <3

time to….

babysit. i’m basically a full-time nanny now. it rocks. i love this little girl, Sadie. i feel like a momma. it’s cute. SEE Y’ALL LATA

boy crush

boy crush


i just can’t …